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      Ingenium Homepage Slider

      Two young adults wearing masks give the thumbs-up sign. In the background, you can see museum exhibitions in soft focus.

      Welcome Back!

      The museums are reopening to the public! Advance tickets required.

      A smiling woman wearing a space helmet holds up a rabbit in front of a computer screen.

      Virtual Field Trips

      Experience Ingenium’s museums on a virtual field trip! Students can meet with museum educators from the comfort of their home or classroom.

      A young woman wearing safety goggles and a white lab coat and holding a test tube. Green background.

      STEAM Horizon Awards

      2021 STEAM Horizon Awards winners announced!

      Child looking at a laptop.

      Online Resources for Science at Home

      Spark the imaginations of curious minds with these at-home activities!

      Canadian flag

      Thank You Front Line Workers!

      Child looking through a magnifying glass.

      One Membership, Three Museums

      An Ingenium membership opens the door to discovery at all three of Canada’s museums of science and innovation!

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      From the Channel

      About the Channel

      Ingenium Channel is a digital hub featuring curated content related to science, technology and innovation.

      Ingenium Initiatives

      A tipi in the distance at sunset.
      Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: A series of local and international gatherings, on the land and online